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  • Fort Dodge Transmission Economy Pitbull

    Email or call for details!

    *On select models

  • Buy 4 Transmissions Within an 8 Month Revolving Window and Receive $100

    No forms to fill out! We do all the work


  • 592 Torque Converter

    592 / 592L rebuilt to OEM standards and is the stock torque converter installed on our transmissions for the stock 618-47RE / 48RE diesel engine. We do offer two upgrade options… Article

  • Full Warehouse of Transmission Cores

    We have a huge selection of the most popular transmission cores in-stock ready to be built.

  • Simulated Road Test

    Each and every transmission is quality-tested on our simulated road testing dyno.

  • We stock a huge selection of transmission parts.

    We inventory over 7,000 part numbers right here in house.

  • Our 30,000 square foot facility.

    Not only does it house our state-of-the-art production facilities but also contains a 20-bay full service automotive clinic.

  • So many to pick from.

    These are some of our many torque converters in stock that are ready to be shipped out or installed.

  • Waiting their turn

    These are just a few of our torque converter cores we stock that can be built to meet the needs of any of our customers.

  • Fort Dodge Transmission Economy Pitbull

    Email or call for details!

    *On select models

  • Converters, Converters, and more Converters.

    A wide variety of jobs ranging from welding to assembly are done by Brett and Earl in our torque converter department.

  • Crated and Ready to Go.

    These are some of our transmissions that have been cleaned up and are awaiting assembly.

  • Out the door!

    These units have hit the last stop within our building and are ready for delivery.

  • Wide variety

    Several different vehicles including foreign, domestic, and even antique models are repaired in our full-service auto clinic.

  • Leave it to the Pros

    Our experienced shop employees can do Bumper to Bumper repairs.

  • The Past, The Present, and The Future

    Working countless hours, the builders, work to put together both older and newer Ford, Chrysler, and GM units.

  • Out the Door they Go

    Our loaders make sure that each delivery truck is loaded and ready for next morning delivery as well as helping our customers who are picking-up or dropping off.

  • Going at the Speed of Light

    One of the final steps in the rebuild process…the simulated maiden voyage!

  • Working from the Bottom Up

    From cutting the converter open to the final steps… leak & lock-up testing, our converter department knows how to get the job done..

  • Never Ending Mission

    Tearing down the transmission to cleaning it up is the first few processes to another life.

  • A Happy Customer is a Satisfied customer

    Pam(parts orders, transmission sales) and Chris(transmission sales) are great choices for help.

 Current Job Openings

  • Automotive Technician – Experience required. Could teach a good tech to be a transmission builder. FT
  • Transmission Builder – Experience required. Commission should make over $45,000 first year & more yearly.  FT

Benefits for full time positions include:

Insurance 401K Paid Vacation/Sick/Holidays
Uniforms $20/hr commission or fixed hourly rate.


Apply in person at 3553 5th Ave South, Fort Dodge, IA 50501 or call 515-573-8800

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